It is with great pleasure – and also a touch of pride – that we want to share with our stakeholders the beautiful day at the Assembly of Members of the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce on June 10th.

Giuliana Masolo, President of Yellow Hub, received, on behalf of the whole company, the recognition of historic partner of the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce at the prestigious headquarters of the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology.

It has been 25 years since it all began: a collaboration that over the years has turned into a real partnership, built on the identity of values that distinguish Yellow Hub and AHK. Yellow Hub is the natural outlet of all language needs of the Chamber’s partners, thanks to the recognized professionalism, precision and seriousness of the service.

Among others, some of the most important managers of the main players associated with AHK took part in the event, giving life to a natural moment of sharing experience.

For further information regarding Yellow Hub services and the partnership with AHK, you can visit our website and contact our sales managers and specialist desks.

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