Legal Translation Services to support STOCK SPIRITS' acquisition of Distillerie Franciacorta


Stock Spirits Group is one of the world’s leading drinks businesses with more than 45 brands and operations in multiple countries in Europe. The group owns Stock s.r.l (Stock Italia), which was founded in 1884, and is a historic manufacturer of world-wide recognized brands such as Keglevich (vodka), Stock Original (brandy), Limoncè (liquors), Radis (bitters), Grappa Julia (syrup). 

Project overview

Legal Contracts

+150,000 words translated

Corporate language courses


On 6 May 2019, Stock Spirits Group decided to acquire Distillerie Franciacorta for €26.5 million, an Italian family business founded back in 1901 and specialized in the production of grappa, a grape-based pomace brandy of Italian origin that is marketed in more than 50 nations.

The acquisition marked one of the highlights of Stock investments in Italy, and the desire of the brand to consolidate a long-term project and further increase its presence in the country. 

This kind of negotiations usually take long, but once there is an agreement, it’s important to keep that momentum going. However, the acquisition process is always bound to multiple challenges and one of the very first is collecting and preparing the required legal documentation. There is an analysis of business operations, finances, and management structure. In the case of publicly-traded companies like Stock Spirits, translation is often the glue that holds together the entire cross-border process.


  • Turn-around times: If the translations were not delivered fast enough, it could potentially damage the existing agreement between the companies involved.
  • Nature of language: When it comes to document translation for international acquisitions, accuracy and precision are vital to assisting a smooth and successful international takeover.
  • Data security: At that stage of the process, the content that needed to be translated was highly confidential. Stock Spirits knew they could trust Yellow Hub’s IT and security infrastructure.


By translating more than 150.000 words of legal contracts from English into Italian and from Italian into English, Stock Spirits were able to accomplish the acquisition as planned.

Post-acquisition services

Getting legal documentation ready is just a start, but is only the very first step in the long process of taking over another company. There are also other aspects such as cultural differences or building an international, synergistic workforce and spreading the same organizational culture. 

In that regard, language training is a fundamental component that helps companies create a global team. Stock Spirits commissioned Yellow Hub language courses in the following languages:

  • English language courses at their premises
  • Virtual classrooms
  • One-to-one courses for members of their top management team. Among them was Stefano Gozio, a member of the Gozio family who established the business back in 1901, now brand ambassador of Distillerie Franciacorta.