Yellow Hub at the Unizo New Year’s Networking Dinner in Leuven

lunedì, 12 febbraio 2018
29/01/2018 Leuven
Every year, in January, the Unizo department in Vlaams-Brabant and Brussels invites members to its New Year’s event based on a very successful formula: a networking and speed-dating dinner, conceived to meet many new people in a short space of time.
Before the dinner, Yellow Hub had the pleasure of wishing other fellow entrepreneurs a happy New Year and of listening to the speech by philanthropist and entrepreneur Michal Teunkens, two-fold Trias Trail participant, and by the brand new Unizo Managing Director, Danny Van Assche.
During the networking dinner, Yellow Hub sat at three different tables, engaging in a variety of conversations touching on many different topics, such as the importance of language courses and translations for entrepreneurs, while also enjoying a truly delicious meal.
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