Yellow Hub at VOKA’s first edition of The Port Summit

martedì, 6 marzo 2018
20/02/2018 Antwerp
Within a short distance from our branch office in Brussels, Antwerp is a world-renowned city of culture and finance. This is mainly thanks to its historically established port, the second largest in Europe. Last week Yellow Hub attended VOKA’s first edition of The Port Summit. That evening, we heard about possible challenges to Antwerp’s position on a world scale. Presentations about influencing factors like Belt and Road, Brexit and South European competitors were concluded with a panel discussion to point out priorities and solutions.
The experts in the panel, Theo Notteboom, Patrick Verhoeven, Turloch Mooney, Francesco Parola and Jonathan Roberts, expressed their concerns and hopes for fruitful collaboration, which in the end, is exactly what a Port symbolizes: import and export, or in relationship terms: give and take. Especially for the bilateral agreements that will be established as soon as Brexit will be finalized, collaboration, especially between our governments, remains a key word. When looking at the development of Mediterranean ports like Valencia, Genova and Trieste, another key word comes to mind: competition. Belt and Road, a Chinese investment of an immense magnitude, is surprisingly little spoken about, apart from professionals that are in direct contact or have special interests in this transnational reconstruction of the silk road (amongst other developments).
In a globalizing world like ours, Yellow Hub likes to stay on top of every important event in all the sector that we cooperate with. In other words: isn’t knowledge the key?

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